{SPECIAL ADORABOM} 2NE1 Park Bom Cushion
Tuesday, 30 September 2014 | 10 NOTES | Reblog

Hi guys!

I am currently busy with school and I apologize for not sharing my illustrations. However, the good news is… 

Guess what…

My new Adorabom cushion is up now on my Etsy store. Yayyy! Bring home this adorable Adorabom today.

Get yours now here!


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After lots and lots of research and thinking and illustrating and drawing and logo making, Mairatatata, finally, has finalized with the logo! Yayyy!

It isn’t easy to do one although it might look like it is. I couldn’t come out with something that I really love and something that describes Mairatatata and Adorabom’s identity the most.

However, this site still needs a lot of improvements. I WILL MAKE TIME FOR THIS! I HAVE TO! WORK HARDER, MAIRATATATA!

Anyway, here is my new logo! After lots and lots of illustrating of logo, I finally settled down with this. Phew! =)

Thursday, 25 September 2014 | 0 NOTES | Reblog

Hi, guys!

I haven’t been posting as much and I apologize for that. My schedule is full and really full with haywire sleeping and eating patterns. 

However, I got this opportunity to do my Adorabom illustrations for some school mag. It focuses on Islamic and that explains that Adorabom and the Islamic art inspired background. 

Also, to update about Mairatatata’s activity, guess what. I finally got some sales on Etsy for my Adorabom stickers. Yayyy! Thank you so much for supporting Mairatatata. I appreciate it a lot. Hope you love the stickers. 

To the others, there are 11 more sets of Adorabom stickers! Do get yours now!

Thank you!

Thursday, 14 August 2014 | 0 NOTES | Reblog

Hi, friends!

This might be old but I exceptional love Park Bom’s look from the photoshoot for 1st Look Magazine. It was different from how she usually looks like, although, she looks beyond amazing always. Her look for this photoshoot is my most favourite till now.


I, as usual, illustrate it!

I have been wanting to illustrate this but kept on delaying on doing this as I found it difficult to do the details. But it, turned out fine and fun! Instead of the normal hairdo, I tried to capture most of the elements from the image to the illustration by adding more highlights and shadows for the hair. It’s more work but this is definitely my current favourite. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014 | 0 NOTES | Reblog

Hi, friends!

Have you guys all watched Disney’s Maleficent? If not, go! Watch it! I freaking love Disney movies. When I first saw Maleficent’s poster, I already set a time in my schedule months and months before to watch it. It was worth the wait and it was one of the most memorable movies I have watched. In fact, Maleficent now is my favourite villain. Should I still say she’s a villain after watching that movie? I don’t think so.

But I love Angelina Jolie’s acting. It was so powerful yet have the nice side. I love that kind of characters. I tried portraying that kind of character in my illustrations. Like my Adorabom, I created them to look adorable yet have their fierce and strong side. I do not like characters that are so dependant. For example, in a fairy tales, the princesses depend on their prince charming. Nahhh. Not my kind. However, Disney has got away from that, for example, Merida from Brave. She didn’t want a prince charming. She actually went out there alone to save her mother. Her attitude is very impressive. I am, indeed, impressed with how Disney portrays their characters now. I am totally impressed with the Maleficent that Disney portrayed.

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Hi, everyone!

To be frank, I haven’t been keeping updated about 2NE1’s activities as I am busy with other stuff such as my life. However, just recently, I went on Tumblr to check the Park Bom tag that I have saved and I was quite shocked to see what happened to her. As you all know, I have been a big fan of Park Bom and am still now. It’s only that, I did not expose much about that. 

Now, back to Park Bom controversy. I pity her. She is a human being after all and how can people hurt her so bad? Humans have their limits. She has her limit. We have our limits. Before we treat another person badly, think; think what if people treat you like that. Everyone has the rights to be happy and no outsiders should destroy that person’s happiness.

This does not apply only to Park Bom’s issue only but this applies to the real life; our lives. If you do not like a person, ignore them. Do not crush them more and be happy to see the person you hate so much shattered. Just ignore and continue with your own life. I bet it’s a win win situation. Stop crushing people. Be nice to each other. Be nice to yourself. 

Park Bom is indeed a strong woman. Despite all those hates and controversy she’s facing, she still go out there and face the world. I don’t think I can do that. I salute her for being so strong. 

To show my love to her, all my Adorabom illustrations of Park Bom, I will change it to the characters forming heart with their hands. 

Have a nice day, everyone and spread the love. This world is in need of more love.

Saturday, 9 August 2014 | 7 NOTES | Reblog

Hi, friends!

If you haven’t noticed, I am not on Etsy anymore. I have set up my store on a new site here!

My Adorabom stickers are still available if you are interested. Adorabom included in the pack is Park Bom during Can’t Nobody music video, Go Away Japanese music video, 2NEW1 Evolution World Tour, I Am The Best music video and Crush.

Get them here

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Hi, everyone!

How was your day? Hope you had a good one. This month is a busy one for me as we had our biggest celebration, Hari Raya Aidilfitri. So, there are a lot of family and friends visiting us and us visiting them. It is tiring but always worth it; being with the ones you love. 

I started a tradition for myself which is to send greeting cards for my loved ones every year to commemorate this occasion. With the internet and social media, people rarely post cards anymore. That’s why, I make sure to do this every year to make sure that my loved ones feel appreciated.

A year ago, I customized my own greeting cards with my Adorabom and other illustrations I did. However, this year, all I did was handmade every card. It’s different this time as my printer ran out of ink. Pffft. Just because of that reason. I don’t have any concrete reasons for not printing my cards. However, the most important part is, each and every cards are done with much love.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014 | 1 NOTES | Reblog

"Let it go~ Let it go~ Can’t hold it back anymore~" Till now, I still hear it playing everywhere - supermarket, toy stores, just… everywhere.

I missed catching Disney’s Frozen in the cinemas when it was out. Everyone was talking about the Frozen craze, so, I thought it was as good as Disney’s Tangled. But when I got hold of the DVD, I was kind of disappointed after watching it as I expected more out of Disney. 

I don’t understand the craze for Frozen as to me, Brave and Tangled have better and concrete story lines. However, I really love the details of Elsa and Anna’s clothes; very beautiful and intricate and love the colours used for Anna’s clothes. 

I hope I can illustrate Anna but at the meantime, please do enjoy Elsa Adorabom!

Monday, 4 August 2014 | 0 NOTES | Reblog

I have to admit that the best and glorious event that happened for my family is the wedding of my eldest sister which was held last 2 years. That was the first experience we had as a host for the wedding. 

Around that time, a lot of happy and joyous events happened to for the other family members and myself. We got to meet new people who were once strangers but turned best friends. I also got a new opportunity in my life. That moment was the moment which I can never ever forget.

To commemorate and remember the event, I decided to illustrated Adorabom characters inspired by my sister’s wedding. These Adorabom characters are wearing the traditional malay wedding costume that my sister and brother-in-law wore. They were provided by Amani and they are my personal favourite. 


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